Glam announces new verticals, deeper social integration and ad serving for direct advertisers

Paris, May 4th 2010: Glam One (http://Glam.fr), owner of the “GLAM” brand in France and developer of France’s first vertical media platform is announcing the launch of 13 more verticals, deeper social integration withFaceBook “Like” and the deployment of Google DoubleClick For Publishers (dfp) ad serving technology to support direct advertisers.  Glam’s vision is to evolve Web engagement by providing independent professionals with the tools to better manage their online reputation and cultivate their Personal Brand.
Glam launched 13 new verticals over the past weeks in both French and English for aviation, law, healthcare, hospitality, and finance independent professionals. Glam now counts 20 verticals, including:

Users could already connect using their favorite social network account credentials, import and aggregate their online activities from FourSquare, YouTube, Flickr and other networks and directly publish their status to Twitter. Users can now more broadly share profiles and other contents leveraging FaceBook’s newly released “Like”, Google Buzz and Digg’s smart buttons.

In addition, Glam selected and deployed newly upgraded Google dfp’s best in class ad serving technology for its forecasting, reporting and targeting capabilities to better manage its growing inventory while remaining dynamically connected to Google’s large pool of advertisers. With the deployment of Google dfp, Glam’s direct advertisers benefit from greater control of when, where and to whom their campaigns appear, using multiple targeting options such as geography, day and time on a CPM or CPC basis.

We had a good first quarter and April marked our 6th straight month of consecutive viral organic adoption at a triple digit average growth rate. We upgraded our hosting solution for improved speed and stability, and kept releasing new verticals and functionalities at a good pace. Glam is now well positioned to benefit from distribution and integration partnerships”, says Arnaud Fischer, Glam’s CEO.
Privately-held Glam One, with offices in Paris, France, owns over 500 2-sylable “glam” domains. The Glam vertical media platform and social networks bring together professionals into communities of common affinities, organized around targeted sectors. The Glam architecture is built on open, innovative, original and integrated best-of-breed technology.  The platform is available as a white label solution in French and English for brands and enterprises to deploy their own vertical networks.
Arnaud Fischer, CEO Glam

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