86% of Companies Plan Social Media Budget Bumps

The majority of companies in a recent survey are planning to invest more in social media next year but are struggling to find the time and resources to manage their activity, Econsultancy and bigmouthmedia.

  • 86% plan to spend more money on social media in '10
  • 54% saying the lack of resources is a significant problem
  • 90% say social media is taking up more time internally than a year ago
  • 88% of execs at US non-profit organizations are currently experimenting with social media
  • Only  51% report using it actively
  • 79% are uncertain about how to demonstrate its value for their organization
  • 52% of companies who are heavily involved in social media marketing say that they have gained real value
  • Twitter is now the most widely adopted social media tactic, used by 78% of company respondents and 74% of agency respondents
  • 62% say they are using the micro-blogging site for publicizing new content
  • 54% are using the channel for marketing or brand monitoring
  • 27% of companies are using Twitter as a customer service tool for reacting to issues and inquiries
  • 25% say they use Twitter as a customer feedback tool
  • 31% saying that there are “tremendous opportunities” available

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