French court slams eBay with €1.7M fine over LVMH product resale dispute

 A commercial court in Paris has fined eBay €1.7 million euros (roughly £1.6 million) for allegedly not sticking to an injunction banning users from selling on products of luxury goods conglomerate Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH in short).
Allowing the LVMH perfumes and cosmetics to be purchased by Frenchmen on its French and UK website according to the ruling violated a prior court order to remove all such postings (June 2008), part of a €38 million verdict saying eBay had not done enough to stop the sale of counterfeited LVMH items.

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SocNet Users Enhance Relationships, Lose Inhibitions

Online social networking is becoming entrenched in everyday life and is profoundly affecting how US consumers connect with family and friends, shop and interact with retailers and brands, and participate in political and humanitarian issues, according to a recent study from Euro RSCG Worldwide.

  • Online social networking is enhancing rather than deteriorating, relationships among Americans
  • 54% have met new people through electronic media
  • Consumers are engaging in more multi-way exchanges of ideas and opinions among consumers and brands
  • Consumers have increased their involvement in political and humanitarian issues
  • 40%  agree that social groupings online can be truly social

Social media are now a vital consideration in any communications strategy in any country where digital media are accessible to citizens and consumers.

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Marketers Find Web Chat Can Be Inspiring

International Business Machines and a handful of other major marketers, including casino operator Harrah's Entertainment and software giant Microsoft, are experimenting with developing ad campaigns based in part on what consumers are chatting about on the Web.

For decades, advertisers have relied heavily on sometimes-dated consumer surveys and focus groups to provide grist for their ads. Now, some are using new technologies to scan the Web for key words to find out what consumers are—and aren't—saying about their brands.

A Lotus print ad reflects findings that consumers tend to talk online about meetings, rather than the technologies that enable them.
Then, they are incorporating those findings into their more-conventional research and using them not only to choose the overall themes of their marketing campaigns, but also specific text and photos for their ads.

Once the campaigns are up and running, the companies and their ad firms are using the same Web-scanning technologies to gauge consumer reaction to their messages, and to fine-tune them to boost performance.

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Mobile Social Networks: Marketing by Location Shows Potential

  Social networking is one of the fastest-growing activities among mobile users and has become a significant driver of Internet usage on mobile devices.

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Demand for ROI Fuels Online Growth in Europe

 More than eight in 10 European marketers say they increased their online advertising spending during '09 - European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA).

  • 93% of European marketers expect to further increase their online advertising spend in '11
  • 7.6% year-over-year rise in '10 and more than 15% forecast for '11
  • Fueled by i) increased online spending, ii) growth of mobile advertising, iii) ongoing shift from traditional to online

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Glam Who? Glam Media Faces French Competition From Glam One

  by Patrick Smith   @psmith - Nov 3, 2009 3:39 PM ET

Before it has even launched in France, Glam Media is facing competition from a French online media company with a very similar name. Glam One, which owns more than 400 domains and five vertical content networks, on Tuesday announced the launch of its “vertically integrated social media platform” (release). Sound familiar? It should: Glam Media has for years marketed itself as a “vertical content network”.

Glam Media plans to launch in France next year, following roll-outs in the UK, Australia, Canada,Germany and Japan. But there’s a snag: seven-year-old Glam One owns the “Glam” trademark in France and in a shot across Glam Media’s bows it uses its release to remind people that “all unauthorised use of these brands could lead to counterfeiting penalties”.

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Glam One Launches First Socially Integrated Vertical Media Platform in France

- For immediate release -

Paris, France, November 3rd, 2009. Glam One (http://www.glam.fr), owner of the “Glam” brand in France and the glam.fr domain name, is announcing the release of France’s first integrated social media platform. The Glam vertical marketplaces bring together professionals into communities organized around targeted sectorsSelf-employed independent workers now have an environment to better market their skills. Brands and agencies can post business and contract opportunitiessearch, browse, and reach professionals.

The Glam vision is to evolve Web engagement by providing talent showrooms, personal productivity and branding tools, and transactional ecommerce storefronts, while facilitating the communication between parties.

Glam One owns over 400 two-syllable “glam” domains and new verticals can be deployed in under 48 hours from start to finishGlam has already released five verticals in France, including:
  • GlamFree.com (http://www.GlamFree.com): freelances en communication pour annonceurs et agences.
  • GlamParis.com (http://www.glamparis.com): photographes, mannequins, stylistes, maquilleurs pour marques de mode, beauté, luxe.
  • GlamShows.com (http://www.GlamShows.com): artistes du spectacle vivant pour agences, annonceurs et municipalités
  • GlamAct.com (http://www.GlamAct.com): comédiens pour directeurs de casting et producteurs.
  • GlamChic.com (http://www.GlamChic.com): hôtesses pour agences de communication événementielle et annonceurs. 

The platform supports built-in paid search, display advertising and subscription models and is already available as a white label solution for enterprises and advertisers to deploy their own vertical networks. The Glam architecture is built on innovative, original and integrated best-of-breed tools leveraging the Drupal open source technology maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers.

  • Google’s powerful Custom Search technology at the core of each vertical community allows visitors to search targeted content from the open Web as well as opportunities and profiles.
  • Users can connect and invite friends using their existing FaceBook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, MySpace or AOL accounts.
  • Users can import content and online activities from their respective social network accounts including YouTube, DailyMotion, Flickr, Del.icio.us, Twitter and other networks.
  • Users can post statuses and automatically publish their profiles to Twitter from within the Glam platform and retweet others using Tweetmeme's integrated technology.

In addition, Glam is announcing that Arnaud Fischer was recently named CEO of the company. Arnaud has over 15 years of experience planning, building, taking to market and monetizing consumer Web services and online advertising solutions with Microsoft (MSFT) in Redmond, WA, AltaVista acquired by Yahoo! (YHOO) in Palo Alto, CA, and AOL Search (TWX) in Dulles, VA.

Over the past seven years, Glam has worked and established strong relationships with France’s top brands and advertisers. We have also been running a successful pilot program over the past 10 months assessing important behavioral and technology trendthat clearly validate the needs of an increasing population of independent workers to better market themselves. Internet users have flooded FaceBook to connect with friends, Meetic.com (Match.com in the US) to fulfill their private lives. We plan to make of the Glam verticals the destinations for independent professionals to better market and sell their skills and talents. Our vision is to build a better, different, disruptive, socially-integrated, real time platform in-synch with the market.

Privately-held Glam One, with offices in Paris, France, is the legal owner of the Glam brand in France. “Glam® and Glamchic® are registered trademarks. All unauthorized use of these brands could lead to counterfeiting penalties.

Arnaud Fischer
arnaud [at] glam.fr
33 (6) 21 84 33 96

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