Only 9% of SMBs Use Twitter for Marketing

    32% of SMB advertisers plan to include social media in their marketing mix in the next 12 months (Facebook, Linkedin or MySpace) - BIA/Kelsey.
  • 39% of SMBs plan to include customer ratings or reviews
  • 23% plan to incorporate video on their websites
  • 31% plan to include links or ads placed on social sites or blogs
Despite the significant number reporting plans to use social media, far fewer SMBs appear to be putting it into practice today.

  • 9% of SMBs report using Twitter
  • 23% have used social sites in the past 12 months
  • 16% have incorporated video into their website
  • 29% have included customer ratings and reviews.

The adoption of social mediais more prevalent among younger businesses.

  • 16% of businesses that are 3 years old or younger use Twitter versus 2% of those in business 11+ years
  • 44% of businesses that are three years old or younger plan to market this way versus 22% of those in business 11+ years

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