EU 'Net Marketers Optimistic About Online Advertising

European advertisers choose online advertising over traditional media like TV, newspapers, and magazines - European Interactive Advertisers Association.

  • Just 8% of the advertisers said they cut budgets for online advertising.
  • Seven in 10 said their online ad spend is increasing in '09.
  • Nearly four in 10 advertisers said budgets are being reallocated from TV (37%). Some 32% are moving funds away from newspapers, 46% from magazines.

And the trend will likely continue throughout 2009, according to the report. Online advertising is playing a more central role in overall ad strategies
  • 47% of advertisers consider online solutions as an essential factor within the marketing mix, up from 38% in last year's research.
  • 16% are allocating larger budgets to pan-regional rather than country-specific campaigns - up from 11% last year.
64% of advertisers increased their paid search investments. Email, display and video advertising were cited as most popular tools. Mobile is also growing: 30% of marketers are making use of mobile formats within their overall strategy.

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