Social Networking Attracts 75% of Online Europeans

Of the 282.7 million European internet users who went online in Dec. '08, 211 million visited a social networking site, 74.6%, according to comScore.

  • The UK (79.8%) and Spain (73.7%) had the highest social-networking penetration.
  • Norway (58.9%) and Austria (49.7%) had the lowest.
  • France (63.9%) was the 3rd. largest with 21.7 million visitors in Dec. '08 behind the UK with 29.3 million visitors and Germany at 24.9 million visitors
  • The total number of French internet visiting a social network was up 45% year over year.

Facebook.com ranked as the most popular social networking site in France, with 12 million visitors, growing 443% over the past year after launching a French language user interface in February. Skyrock ranked second with 11 million visitors (up 8%). MySpace Sites (3 million visitors) and Flickr.com (1.8 million visitors) rounded out the top five.

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