Google 1st page advertisers +58%, Microsoft Live Search + 42%, Yahoo! + 9%

2009 is going to be a different year in Search market share. The Search industry has probably just passed an interesting infection point and the chain reaction might have just started for Microsoft Live Search.  Search Engine Watch relays an interesting AdGooroo survey, reporting that Google's first page advertisers grew by 58%, and Live Search grew by 42.3%. Yahoo only grew by 8.8% in Q4 '08.

  • Without looking at traffic metrics, it's instinctively a pretty good indicator for Microsoft Live. Advertisers tend to follow users. 
  • Consolidated Microsoft & Yahoo! would increase large advertiser counts on Live by 157%, increasing -perceived - relevance, improving consumers' engagement metrics end putting pressure up on CPC bids. 
  • As AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes says "Ad coverage on the search engines continues to provide a reliable indicator of advertising activity and is the focus of increased industry chatter” ... "indicator" is the right term as Google could very well set the "1st page" relevance bar a bit higher to impact longer term engagement metrics.

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