Video search education about social search and sentiment analysis

Internet time is eating up on TV time. While the Internet video space remains at an infancy stage, content is getting more amazing, broader, deeper, better tagged and more easily searchable. Getting an education in Social Search and Sentiment Analysis is at reach and has become fairly painless using AOL Video and Uncut, Blinkx, Google YouTube, Live video search beta and Yahoo! Video. I am sure I am missing important ones, just ping me and I won't next time.

The amazing "The Machine is Us/ing Us" about Web 2.0 - while circulating for a while before -was also presented at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Worth your time. On the lighter and still fun side, you can check out daweedrex's "Web 2.0 song, are you blogging this"

On the more ... academic side, if you care about the social Web and you have a few minutes,
Ed H. Chi - scientist at Palo Alto Research Center - present a riveting talk about the emergence of the Social Web, summarizing initial results from PARC's Augmented Social Cognition research project and characterizing the evolution of both Wikipedia and del.icio.us.

There is also a whole lot of search marketing folks - good and bad - clearly understanding the value of social media reach and optimization, very much like the early SEO (1998 ...) and SEM (2000 ....) adopters. Given the shift in brand advertising dollars from the TV to the web, online buzz monitoring, Internet sentiment extraction and reputation management are emerging as critical in online marketing mixes. M
ore and more product demos like AfterVote and insider interviews like this Technorati segment have also made their way there.

Point me to your videos!

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Ed H. Chi said...

Thanks for blogging about my talk at Google, Arnaud. Here is a trackback to your post.

Anonymous said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.