PreFound - power from the people - social search engine redesign

Prefound.com re launched its site earlier this week. Changes include Enhanced personalization, more diverse search results, an easier method for adding content, and a new user interface.

Greg Sterling over at Search Engine Land suggests the goal was also to rise above the noise. Social search definitely is a crowded space. In some ways, it feels like 1999 all over again, although fueled by much healthier business models.

Prefound.com was conceived on the premise that humans can collectively provide better intelligence than a computer program developed out of the Silicon Valley. Of all places, the startup is located in Lexington, KY.

Prefound is about Search, Save, and Share. I like to new bookmarklet tool to import from IE, Firefox, Safari or Opera, although frankly, my bookmarks’ve been on Del.icio.us and other places online for a while. They have nicely pushed the envelop in terms of distributed adoption tools like widgets and browser integration points.

After Eurekster, Prefound is also embracing the democratization of revenue sharing models. As reported by Mashable, they allow you to enter your own Adsense ID and collect 100% of the revenue from your page.

Prefound launched in January 2005 and has been getting some nice press coverage in mainstream press including an abcNews interview of Steve Mansfield as well as lots of buzz in the blogosphere.

IceRocket reports about 40 posts over the last 3 months.

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