New younanimous social meta search engine

At first I thought younanimous was going to be an anonymous search engine not tracking anything. Search privacy's been a lot og buzz in the past months.

2 posts per day according to IceRocket. Below are the BlogPulse and Technorati charts.

younanimous is actually a social meta search engine aggregating Google, Yahoo!, MSN, providing several social bookmarking options, including passive collaborative ranking from what I understand and soo introducing voting mechanism. Users can also bookmark results to a choice of social networks.

younanimous has only been getting buzz in the past 24 hours, no charts.

younanimous is not creating anything new here, but bringing together a set of features adding value from an exeperience standpoint. I like the Ajax backbone driven user interaction model. I like the mix of meta algorithmic feeds, social ranking and sharing. Why wouldn't the best results from several of the best engines not be better than the ones of a single engine? Maybe hard to articulate the value to the masses; overmetized experiences delivered by existing ones. The concept is right on, though. younanimous delivers pretty well on that premise with social search behavior defining aggregation overlap and ranking.

I understand younanimous is pretty much a one-man shop. Go younanimous!

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