Lijit redesign - Who's Being Searched Right Now?

Lijit redesigned their home page in the past days, giving it a “more open, roomy, and serene feeling”, “all the same functionality without the clutter”, according to the Lijit blog. You can still check out the old lijit home page from the Google cache and the new one as of this morning.

With many of these new social search engines, we need a bit of help understanding what to do. The old home page was very clear about what to do, directing visitors’ behavior to engage quickly. I am not sure the new home accomplishes muc. Or is it one of these attempts like the PreFound redesign as articulated by Greg Sterling to rise above the noise? This said, the global navigation at the top right is a bit cleaner.

Led by CEO Todd Vernon and CTO Stan James, Lijit was incorporated in June, 2006 and closed an initial round of funding to ride the consumer generated media explosion. Lijit’s positioning is relatively straight forward: searching people, their content, and their connections. It’s a better way to search for information, people, their content, and their connections. Like more and more users, I have created accounts in several places including Del.icio.us, BlueDot, LinkedIn, flickr, Blinklist, Digg, Furl, Ma.gnolia, reddit, StumbleUpon, YouTube, MySpace and others in the process of studying Internet sentiment analysis and online reputation management.

Beside creating two new characters referred to as "Crazy Head Girl" and "Serene Egghead Man", Lijit also released a new search box widget. Like most other distributed entry point adoption strategy, the Lijit widget search box can be easily added to your blog or Website. My favorite feature - not that my Lijit search box got much traction so far - is the reporting. Lijit reports on the searches performed, their sources, content clicked on, top 25 searches and more such that you can get a better understanding of your reader community.

Lijit buzz is on the rise; following are the now traditional online buzz monitoring from Nielsen BuzzMetrics BlogPulse and IceRocket. No data from OpinMind nor Sucks/Rocks to get a feel about tone polarity unfortunately.

IceRocket reports 1.7 posts a day over the past months.

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Anonymous said...

Vernon's prior co, RNDC was B2B focused. The consumer world is a whole different animal. Hence the poor UX/consumer feel.

arnaud fischer said...

Hey Anonymous, I don't think it's actually that bad. I am just not sure the changes justify the work involved, QA etc ... not a significant improvement if one at all. The service is awesome, though. The setup pages and results presentation are good ... better than the home page.

Anonymous said...

I just did a search on google for "what are people searching for on the internet right now" and came acroos your article on lijit.com. I checked out the site and it looks a bit different than when you wrote this article. Have they changed their strategy since this article was published? Do you find lijit.com is still useful site for publishers?

Thanks in advance,