Internet buzz about Sproose social search engine

Sproose has been getting a bit more press coverage in the past few days. Sproose is now reporting over one million voted Web sites. Nice. Not everybody needs to be submitting content, voting and tagging for collaborative filtering and directory building to work. Sproose added video Search earlier this month from Blinkx and News from Moreover last month. Sproose taxes itself as an interactive search engines, providing peer-moderated, ranking, prioritizing and community networking for consumer use. Search and Vote, basically.

So, what's the buzz about Sproose out there?

Nielsen BuzzMetrics' Blogpulse shows a coverage spike at the very end of 2006 when the engine was first introduced. And so does Technorati. Reporting consistency is good. And finally, so does IceRocket, showing about 1.28 posts a day in average over the past 3 months, for a total of 115 citations.

Sproose is one of the most comprehensive social search engines out there. Sproose' s got Search for text, video, news, and popular tags, tagging, discussion, cloud navigation, bookmarking, vote and remove this site, collaborative ranking, messaging and profiles. I wish I could find out how to submit content such as bookmarks, Web pages, pictures and so forth. From anecdotal testing, relevance is just ok, though. Monetization seems to come from Kontera's ContentLink double-underlined terms ... not a big fan of it, although Sproose is obviously no philanthropic organization.

Go Sproose!

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