"sentiment analysis" on Microsoft Live Search

A search for sentiment analysis on MSN Live serves some interesting results as well. TrendIQ is at the top, definitely well indexed with most engines. The second result is not as relevant, but the third is, the paper from Cornel discussing professors Claire Cardie and Lillian Lee, "working on sentiment-analysis technologies for extracting and summarizing opinions from unstructured human-authored documents. They envision systems that (a) find reviews, editorials, and other expressions of opinion on the Web and (b) create condensed versions of the material or graphical summaries of the overall consensus." MSN Lives's last result for [sentiment analysis] is a full deck, "Sentiment Analysis of Blogs" by Paula Chesley from the Linguistic Department of University at Buffalo. Pretty nice, covering definitions, examples, mining and summarizing architecture, and a whole lot more about classification approaches.

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