How are Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, and Ask doing for a "sentiment analysis" search?

Remember, I am on a quest to find a good high level definition of "sentiment analysis", nothing too granular, and definitely related to Internet buzz monitoring, reputation management. Overall, results are pretty good doing a quick comparative analysis across the main algorithmic engines. Google and Yahoo! provide the best results. yahoo!'s 404 SL is annoying but the Answers and Related searches integration makes up for it. Ask comes next, actually doing better than MSN Live. Keep in mind that "relevance" is very much a personal measure of perception that goes beyond results #1 to 10. Both advertising and organic results are somewhat dynamic, so don't send me hate mail telling me you are not getting the same results. At the time I did these searches, about 15 minutes ago, these are the results I experienced.

  • Google's got 7 relevant organic results and 1 relevant sponsored link. the fastest experience, in & out.
  • Yahoo!'s got 7 relevant organic results as well and 2 relevant sponsored links, although one is dead, 404. In reality, when users click on it and get a 404, they mentally penalize the engine, so it's worst than not having that link of course. Yahoo! is also suggesting some related searches at the top of the SERP, but I am not impressed. This said, Y! Answers is pretty well integrated to the Web search results page.
  • Microsoft Live's got 3 relevant organic results and no relevant sponsored link what-so-ever. I guess it will take them a bit to catch up with Google and Yahoo!'s SL coverage. Live also integrates QnA although not allocating as much real estate as Yahoo! is.
  • Ask's got 5 relevant organic results and 1 relevant sponsored link.

Can you find a better results page?

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